Connection at Room Temperature

The compression (KlettWelding) can be performed in electronic components with commercially available mounters or FlipChip bonders. Higher forces and high temperatures are just less necessary as aggressive flux. Due to their small diameter, the individual wires connect, similar to cold welding. The resulting compound is very good both electrically and thermally conductive with high mechanical strength. The video below shows the KlettWelding process of a silicon chip with copper pillars, performed with a flip-chip bonder.

Step Back: NanoWiring (Coating)


Properties of the connection :

Property Value
Necessary bond force 1 – 70 MPa
Shear strength bis ca. 30 MPa
KlettWeldingtemperature Raumtemperatur
Bond Time 60 ms bis 60 s
Temperature resistance -50°C-500°C
Contact resistance < 100 mΩ
Planarity requirement ca. 10 µm
Wire material Kupfer, Gold, Silber, Platin, Nickel, Zinn.
Resulting contact height < 10 µm
Substrate materials usable

Keramik (LTTC), Polymer (PI, PCB), Glas,


KlettWelding von Copper Pillars

KlettWelding schematisch