Connection with One-Sided Coating

If the components can be briefly exposed to a temperature of 200°C, the connection can also be made with a one-sided coating. The KlettSintering achieves similar tensile and shear strengths as the KlettWelding. Especially if one of the two joining partners can only be coated in a complex process, this process offers clear advantages.

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KlettSintering Tape

The KlettSintering Tape can be used to avoid having to coat either of the two joining partners. As with double-sided adhesive tape, a metal foil coated on both sides is inserted between the two components. By simply pressing together, a double Velcro sintering process takes place at 200°C. The two-sided adhesive tape is then inserted between the two components.





Properties of the connection : 

Property Value
Necessary bond force 1 – 70 MPa
Shear strength up to approx. 30 MPa
KlettSinteringtemperature up to max. 210°C
Bond time 60 s bis 5 min
Temperature resistance -50°C-500°C
Contact resistance < 100 mΩ
Planarity requirement approx. 10 µm
Wire material Copper , Gold.
Resulting contact height < 10 µm
Substrate materials usable

Ceramics (LTTC), polymer (PI, PCB), glass.